Designing an experience to improve community living for Indian homes

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Once upon a time I was given the opportunity to do 1 of 3 design challenges:

Between these three I decided to go with option 2. The design brief read:

A great residential community (e.g. condominium, college dormitory, etc.) provides a variety of amenities and a dedicated staff responsible for its maintenance . But there isn’t always an easy way for community members to report problems to management so they can be resolved quickly.

How might we improve the way hotels, localities and landmarks are shown on maps


This is a feature I redesigned for, (MMT), India’s premier online travel aggregator(OTA). Over a period of time we have been improving the way location related information is shown on our hotels product funnel.

That’s because location is one of the main things users consider while choosing, comparing & finally booking a travel accommodation. Research by the Boston Consulting Group on the indian travel market suggests maps are the 3rd most visited touchpoint after OTAs and Google Search for Indian travellers. And travel websites with maps show lower visits to google maps.

On our platform too, location is the…

How might we improve product visibility & brand recognition in the alternative accommodations travel segment


This was a redesigning project I worked on for my current employer —, the leading online travel aggregator(OTA) in India. We wanted to reassess the way we sell alternative travel accommodations.

What are alternative accommodations (or alt accos)?

In India the online travel accommodations market was mostly limited to hotels & resorts. Though other property types existed in a wide variety from dharamshalas to beach villas, they were hard to find, their payment modes were not always convenient/secure and discovery/booking had to happen offline. That started to change with a product that disrupted the travel accommodation industry — AirBnb. They made it easy for people to…

How might we help a company’s employees set meetings and navigate to meetings rooms.


Every now and again I enjoy working on design challenges outside of regular work. It helps me cut the boredom of working on the same product for a long time; as well as sharpen my problem solving skills.

This personal side project was one such design exercise — done in a limited amount of time to keep things fresh and help me break out of a rut.

Problem Statement:

Acme is a fast-growing company that is adding employees and workspace at a very fast pace. They are doubling every year both in terms of employees and workspace. Given a highly collaborative environment…

An experiment on ideation & productivity

E-commerce companies are always under pressure. They need to take feedback, iterate & release better versions of their product at an ever increasing rate.

And designing for an industry leader, like MakeMyTrip, does not make the task any simpler. Because innovation is not the only metric we look at. There is much more at stake — a failed experiment could result in loss of revenue or brand image.

So often the question we are answering is why fix something that isn’t broken? Many a times design teams of established companies end up working on micro-optimisations that hardly move the needle…

Srishti Gupta

Ux designer | Problem solver | Avid traveller | Animal lover

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